Raffle on Steroids

Expericence the power of LSD and challenge your luck
10,000Weekly Raffle Tickets
1000+Unique Prizes
10 MillionTotal Token Issued
ImmediateWithdraw Anytime

RaffleLL is for lossless Winning

DepositDeposit ETH and receive rETH to stake and win
Win PrizesYield from deposits creates real yield to fund prizes like Membership NFTs
No LossNo fees, withdraw any time
Get Ticket Points with your Yield

Lossless RaffleLL & Lucky Wheel

Accumulate Ticket Points as you deposit your ETH and seize the opportunity in our weekly Raffle. Test your luck with fellow participants on the Ladderboard through our Lucky Wheel to claim weekly $RLL tokens.
Membership NFT

Unlock the Flywheel

Only 1,000 membership NFTs are up for grabs, purchasable with RLL tokens. A significant portion of these RLL tokens will be permanently removed from circulation. This strategy is key to our ecosystem's sustainability and growth.
Why RaffleLL

Empowering all with financial liberation

A smart approach to promote financial growth and discourage excessive spending on lotteries.